Congratulations Jo Anne! 2015 ASLA Distinguished Private Practitioner Award

EDR is proud to announce that Jo Anne Gagliano, RLA, President of EDR, has been recognized by the New York Upstate Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects with their 2015 Distinguished Private Practitioner Award, which honors an outstanding individual practitioner for their achievements in design and leadership.

The following endorsements from her clients, colleagues and peers attest to why Jo Anne is a deserving candidate for this award:

  • Jo Anne is not only a working mom and a talented landscape architect, but, she also a woman-owned business leader with a tremendous work ethic that stands out and shines within a male-dominated field.” 
  • “She possesses a quiet discipline to her craft. Jo Anne is capable of engaging clients and progressing projects on a very human and emotional level that creates friendships, partnerships and places that last.  These qualities form the basis of trust, respect and loyalty.”
  • “She is passionate about her profession and her staff.  She is a strong leader who plans and thinks strategically and long-term.  She is a mentor who fosters leadership skills in the next generation of professionals.”
  • “Jo Anne is very good at what she does, and is genuinely a nice person.”
  • “She is an absolutely fabulous, knowledgeable and reliable resource.“

Congratulations, Jo Anne!

For More Information

Joanne Stewart | Director of Marketing and Communications
[email protected]