Field Archaeologist

Field Archaeologist

EDR is seeking experienced, team-oriented Field Archaeologists with demonstrated expertise to provide support to the EDR Cultural Resources practice area by assisting with archaeological fieldwork, laboratory analysis and/or office work. Reports to the Principal for Cultural Resources via the Archaeology Services Leader and Field Supervisors. This role would be an hourly position (March through December, weather dependent) based in the Northeastern United States.

Field Archaeologists provide support for field investigations, and in some instances, associated laboratory and/or office work. EDR’s Field Archaeologists include seasonal and temporary employees (i.e., employed on a per project basis) and report to the Principal for Cultural Resources via the Archaeology Services Leader and Field Supervisors.

Schedule and Compensation

  • Schedule: Monday through Friday; 8-hour days (40 hours weekly, off Saturday and Sunday; our typical schedule may need to be adjusted to meet specific project demands, although that is unusual).
  • Compensation: $20-$23 per hour, based on experience and work history; overtime paid for hours worked above 40.
  • Lodging: Single occupancy hotel room; hotel rooms can be provided over weekends for non local staff.
  • Per Diem: Dependent on individual project requirements but typically $50 non-receipt per diem on workdays.
  • Safety: All employees will adhere to EDR’s standard health & safety procedures and employment

Core Competencies and Responsibilities:

  • Conducts archaeological fieldwork and data collection in accordance with standard professional practice under the supervision of EDR Project Archaeologists and/or Senior Archaeologists.
  • Quality of work is consistently accurate and acceptable in relation to the requirements and objectives of a given task.
  • Has the initiative to seek out new assignments, assume additional duties, and demonstrate resourcefulness in accomplishing work.
  • Is flexible and adaptable and can adjust to different work assignments and changes in direction. Is able to control emotions and behavior in high pressure situations, balances consistency with flexibility, and be willing to change ideas in the face of new information.
  • Demonstrates the ability to cooperate, work with others, and treat others (including coworkers) with respect.
  • Exhibits dependability and reliability. Is prompt, punctual, and is present and prepared for core working hours.
  • Demonstrates sound decision-making and Demonstrates maturity. Seeks guidance when necessary.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Surveying and testing archaeological sites for a variety of
  • Performing archaeological survey and/or excavation at job sites using hand excavation
  • Identifying cultural materials and completing standardized field forms and
  • Recognizing a range of soil and ground conditions and recording soil color, texture, and
  • Using maps, compass, and/or
  • Task Ownership: See tasks through to completion and accept responsibility for tasks and accountability for own
  • Task Quality Assurance/Quality Control: Ensure that work products are in conformance with internal and external requirements and expectations; identify and prevent errors and omissions.
  • Knowledge of basic archaeological fieldwork and laboratory analysis
  • Ability to identify artifacts, features, and other archaeological
  • Ability to prepare clear, concise, and technically accurate field records/notes and drawings
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to produce quality

Education and Previous Experience:

  • BA or BS in Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Geology, or similar field of study is
  • Prior archaeological fieldwork experience and/or completion of an archaeological field

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