EDR President Jo Anne Gagliano Advocates Hands-On Leadership Approach with Syracuse.com

EDR President Jo Anne Gagliano was interviewed by Syracuse.com, providing a glimpse into our company’s unique leadership and culture. With a blend of professionalism and approachability, Jo Anne shares insights into how EDR’s leadership style strengthens a dynamic environment where rolling up sleeves is not just encouraged—it’s celebrated. 

 Jo Anne highlights the vital role of collaboration, communication and promoting teamwork within our organization and leadership by emphasizing the power of embracing diversity and inclusivity to fuel fresh ideas and transformations to EDR projects.  

 “It’s first about alignment: getting everybody to understand our mission, whether we work on the same kinds of projects or not.” She said, “This brand of “a better environment” is really all about [being] better for our communities, better for our employees, better for everyone we work with.” 

 At EDR, we believe by diving into every aspect of our work, we gain deeper insights, which allows us to fulfill our mission of creating and sustaining a better environment for our communities. We believe in delivering top-notch solutions and exceptional service to our valued clients. 

 To read the full interview with Jo Anne Gagliano, click here.