Buckeye Wind Project

EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc.
Champaign County, Ohio

EDR prepared the first ever Certificate Application submitted for a utility-scale wind power project in the State of Ohio which was approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB Case No. 08-0666-EL-BGN) in 2010. As the lead environmental consultant for this project to EverPower, EDR assisted with project siting to assure sensitive environmental resources were avoided to the extent possible, assisted with the selection and management of supporting environmental consultants, and prepared the Visual Impact Assessment for the project. In addition, EDR coordinated directly with OPSB staff on behalf of the project, helped to coordinate and staff public outreach events, assisted the applicant with preparation of response to various interrogatories, and critically reviewed intervenor testimony to assist in strategy development for the adjudicatory hearing. Throughout the permitting process, EDR worked closely with the applicant’s legal counsel, attended numerous face-to-face meetings with OPSB Staff, and monitored the process/on-line case record of other Certificate Applications to keep apprised of the latest Staff actions, correspondence, and likely review direction. EDR’s success preparing the Certificate Application for the Buckeye Wind Project provided a firm foundation for our ongoing environmental permitting services for renewable energy development in Ohio.