Buffalo Canalside Interpretive Structures – Longshed Building

Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation
Buffalo, NY

The Canalside District, at the heart of the Downtown Buffalo Waterfront, is located at the 1825 terminus, once a bustling port on the Erie Canal, and now a site for a movement of radical transformation from desolate to destination. This initiative also celebrates the western terminus of the Erie Canal and the historic importance of Buffalo’s waterfront.

Starting in 2017, EDR provided site planning, landscape architecture design, and site-civil engineering services for site improvements to support development of the new 5,000 SF, Longshed Building. This project reflects Canalside’s rich history by incorporating design elements from the Joy and Webster Storehouse that was formerly located on that spot since the early 1800’s.  It is the first project in a series of projects planned by the Maritime Center at Canalside.  It serves as a physical representation of earlier buildings, allowing people to participate in the boat building, education about packet boats, and to be a part of local history.

Continuing services to ECHDC at Canalside, EDR is currently designing site improvements to the Carousel Site” and “Sand Play Area”.  These sites, as well as the Longshed Building site are adjacent to the Pedestrian Bridge and accessible via the Boardwalk and Dock areas. Unique challenges and considerations for all of these projects include research and specification of historically-compatible boardwalk replacement, erosion and sediment control, improved pedestrian circulation, replacement and/or relocation of site elements and plantings, and emergency vehicle access.