Carrier Dome Rainwater Harvesting

Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

In the spirit of the Onondaga County Save the Rain program and with the goal of increasing its sustainable practices, Syracuse University embraced the concept of capturing and using the rainwater that falls on the roof of the Carrier Dome. With the Rainwater Harvesting System enough water is captured to flush half the Dome’s toilets and urinals during major Dome events. The Rain Water Harvesting System consists of two exterior 25,000 gallon storage tanks, and two interior 4,500 gallon tanks that will hold rainwater captured from approximately one third of the Carrier Dome’s roof.

In 2014, EDR teamed with a local engineering firm and two Syracuse University graphic design students to design graphics and interpretive materials to educate visitors about the Carrier Dome Rain Harvesting System. EDR facilitated several design workshops with students and faculty to design, select, and develop a logo for the system as well as wall murals and a 3D model/video. EDR designed interior interpretive wall murals and exterior signage, and produced an interpretive video about the rainwater harvesting process as well as the benefits derived from using such a system.