City of Ogdensburg Wastewater System Improvements

City of Ogdensburg
Ogdensburg, NY

EDR team members led the Bidding and Construction Administration Phases of the project, and, before EDR, several team members led the Study and Design, Phase teams.  The project is one of the most capital intensive in the City’s history. It provides rehabilitation of the City’s 20 MGD wastewater treatment plant, six pumping stations, and compliance with their long-term control plan. The engineering study was a holistic, comprehensive assessment of their treatment plant and pump stations. Upgrades to the liquid treatment, solids handling, and pumping processes along with upgrades to six pump stations and long-term control plan compliance are being performed. These upgrades were necessary to provide long-term, reliable SPDES permit compliance, operator safety improvements, improve communications, and meet operational objectives for the City’s wastewater infrastructure.

EDR worked in close coordination with City leadership, the Program Manager, and Plant Operations to upgrade the facilities with technologies and an operational layout that is optimized for the long term.

EDR assisted in authoring an article in the 2019 publication of NYWEA Clearwaters – we are proud to be a partner with the City to make this project a great success.