Davis Road Pump Station

Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection
Syracuse, New York

The Davis Road Pump Station collects wastewater from the North Syracuse and Cicero service areas and pumps to the Oak Orchard Wastewater Treatment Plant. Based on an asset evaluation, the station requires rehabilitation of several assets as well as operational improvements. The flow is pumped through a dual-force main system. Currently, the force main exits the pump station as a single 30-inch pipe before transitioning into 36-inch (i.e., David Road Force main) and 24-inch (i.e., Clay-Cicero Force main) parallel force mains which then re-combine into a 30-inch pipe (i.e., Oak Orchard Force main) prior to discharging into the Oak Orchard WWTP. This project will rehab the pump station and create two independent force mains by installing 7,000-feet of new force main between the pump station and the Oak Orchard WWTP. This will allow the pump station to operate with a single force main, or potentially both force mains depending on flow conditions.  

EDR evaluated, designed, permitted, and will administer the construction of the rehabilitation. Along with the piping addition, the project will also replace the station’s influent bar screen, replace two of the four station pumps, replace pump controls, rehab the odor control system, perform concrete repair work and rehabilitate several of the pump station electrical, HVAC and plumbing assets. An evaluation of the existing odor control system analyzed chemical usage and hydrogen sulfide production at the Oak Orchard WWTP. The evaluation determined that by optimizing the bulk chemical storage tanks volume and adjusting operations with the use of one or both force mains, a reduction in operational effort and chemical costs could be realized