Fox Squirrel Solar

EDF Renewables
Madison County, Ohio

The Fox Squirrel Solar Project is a ground-mounted solar photovoltaic facility under development in Madison County, Ohio. Approved by the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB), this 577 MW project is currently under construction across leased agricultural land. It is the largest solar project to begin construction in Ohio to date.

The project plans to deliver clean, renewable energy to the utility grid by the end of 2024. Once operational, the project will generate little to no perceptible noise outside of the fence line, no odor, no material increase in traffic after construction, no pollution, and will have minimal impact on the surrounding community.

EDR was pleased to provide pre-construction permit compliance services for the project and continues to provide on-site environmental monitoring to support compliance with all conditions of the project’s Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need. EDR helped the client navigate several permitting challenges at the local, state, and national levels. In part due to EDR’s efforts, this project has been used as an example of successful compliance and effective communication with regulatory agencies.