Knapps Corners Substation Replacement

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.
Dutchess County, New York

EDR was the lead Regulatory/Environmental Permitting and Site-Civil Engineering consultant for a 7-acre site with a substation placed adjacent to an existing substation. The new substation was located on steep slope and located in a neighborhood setting. The substation, which has been in operation since 1941, has exceeded its useful life and a new substation was constructed on the same parcel to the north.

EDR’s scope of services included:

  • Site Plan Approval and SEQRA review process with the Town of Poughkeepsie Planning Board
  • Environmental Studies and Permitting
  • Site-Civil engineering including site layout, grading, stormwater management and erosion and sediment control and SWPPP preparation
  • Cultural Resources review
  • Visual impact report and photo-simulations
  • Landscaping plan

EDR worked closely with client to address multiple technical challenges associated with designing a replacement substation on same property as existing operational substation with numerous development constraints.