Le Moyne Area Neighborhood Development Strategy (LANDS)

City of Syracuse
DeWitt, NY

For this project, the City of Syracuse, partnered with the Town of Dewitt and Le Moyne College, seeking to create a neighborhood plan to guide development within the areas surrounding the College campus over the next 20 to 30 years, and set the stage to support and execute transformational projects. The purpose of this plan was to identify issues (e.g., public health and safety, housing, streetscapes, and municipal services) that limit economic growth, and to recommend local approaches to address them. It also focused on the immediate neighborhoods surrounding Le Moyne College campus, located in the City of Syracuse and the Town of Dewitt. It also includes public outreach, citizen engagement, stakeholder and community meetings, and other analyses (including housing assessments).

Upon finalization, the City and the Town jointly initiated the adoption process, to ensure implementation of the goals of the plan (which address the needs of Le Moyne College, as well as the City and the Town in a cohesive manner).

When Le Moyne College developed its 2015 Master Plan, EDR also assisted in this effort, helping set forth a vision for the growth of the institution. While this plan addressed on-campus growth, it did not address the integration of the campus and its students, faculty, and staff in the surrounding neighborhoods. As this campus continues to grow and develop, the need for a collaborative long-range neighborhood plan became evident. This plan allows these partners to develop and adopt the plan together, successfully setting the stage for growth and development in targeted neighborhoods.