LI-NYC Off-Shore Wind

As part of public outreach efforts in 2014, EDR prepared visual simulations for the LI-NYC Offshore Wind Project, a collaborative venture of the New York Power Authority (NYPA), Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), and Consolidated Edison (ConEd). The visual simulations featured 140 wind turbines located approximately 13 miles off the shore of Long Island, New York.

EDR conducted fieldwork to obtain photos and survey data from 11 vantage points along the beach and shoreline areas of Brooklyn, Queens, New York City, and Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island (including elevated views from the upper stories of buildings). These data and project specifications provided by the client were used to prepare daytime and nighttime simulations of the proposed project from each of the selected viewpoints.

EDR also developed a web-based interactive Flash presentation to facilitate public access and viewing of the visual simulations for the project.