Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant Sidestream Evaluation

Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection
Onondaga County, NY

EDR performed an evaluation to reroute sidestream flows at the Onondaga County Syracuse Metro WWTP. At the Metro WWTP, the influent sampling location is at the influent at the Low Lift Pump Station and there are some process sidestream flows that return to the head of the plant and upstream of the sampling location. Ideally the influent sampling point should be located where it will only pick up influent to the treatment plant and not any plant sidestream flows.   

 A total of eight sidestreams were evaluated for possible rerouting. The potential effect of each sidestream flows was evaluated along with the feasibility to relocate the flows downstream of the influent sampling location. A total of three sidestream flows were identified as true process recycle flows.  A proposed plan and cost for relocated those identified Sidestreams was developed and presented in the evaluation.