Mohawk Solar

Avangrid Renewables
Montgomery County, NY

Mohawk Solar is a milestone renewable energy project in New York – the first large-scale solar project reviewed and approved under the State’s Article 10 siting law.  Mohawk Solar is a 90.5-megawatt photovoltaic facility located on 900 acres in Montgomery County. On November 19, 2020, the New York Siting Board issued an Order Granting a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the proposed project, making Mohawk Solar first approved solar project of this scale in New York.

EDR served as the lead environmental permitting consultant for the project since 2016 and assisted Avangrid Renewables to resolve significant environmental and permitting challenges including:

  • Preparation of the Article 10 Application for the project, which include 41 Exhibits, 54 Appended technical studies, and 35 complex GIS map sets, as well as Application supplements and responses to comments.
  • On-site threatened and endangered wildlife (avian) surveys, development of a Net Conservation Benefit Plan, and negotiation of grassland bird habitat mitigation areas.
  • Design of a site-specific Visual Mitigation Planting Plan, which mimics existing “old field” and successional vegetation in the project area to screen and soften views of the project from nearby roadways and residences.
  • Preparation of Area Variance Applications for the Towns of Canajoharie and Minden.
  • Field studies and project design recommendations to avoid and minimize impacts to onsite wetlands, sensitive habitats, and archaeological sites.
  • Development of a Historic Resources Mitigation Plan with the New York State Historic Preservation Office, the first such plan associated with a utility-scale solar project in the state.
  • Preparation of direct and rebuttal testimony and negotiation of a settlement layout with State agencies and local municipalities.

The approval of Mohawk Solar represents an important contribution towards New York’s renewable energy goals.  EDR is proud of our role supporting the responsible siting and development of renewable energy projects and we congratulate all our exceptional staff who contributed to the success of this project.