Mosley Drive Pump Station Replacement

City of Syracuse
Syracuse, NY

 EDR is leading the effort to provide design for the replacement of the Mosely Drive Pump Station and Rehabilitation of the Winkworth Pump Station. The project serves to replace the Mosley pump station with an above grade pump station, which includes multiple pump units, pump controls in accordance with City standards, all located within an enclosure that blends in with the surrounding residential neighborhood. During the design phase, a hydraulic model was developed to establish a basis of design for the new Mosely pump units for average day, peak and fire flow demand conditions. The service area is hydraulically influenced by several interconnections. Close coordination with the City and their data was utilized to calibrate the model and confirm the pump design.  

In addition, the Winkworth Pump Station Rehabilitation includes adding a spare domestic service pump along with automatic isolating valving and security upgrades.  

The project also includes the replacement of 9000-ft of watermain along Sunnycrest and Glencove Streets. Close coordination with the City was performed to minimize conflict with existing utilities and to keep the existing mains in service during construction.  

EDR’s efforts included hydraulic modeling, geotechnical investigations and development of design documents for the City’s use to publicly bid the project.