NYSDEC Fall Protection Measures

New York State Office of General Services
NYSDEC Region 7 (Central New York)

Ensuring that flood control and stormwater structures are in good repair, for the safety of the public as well as maintenance workers, is essential to the sustainable management of our infrastructure.  In 2018 and 2019, EDR conducted site investigations for over 400 culverts, flood walls, and other flood control structures across NYSDEC Region 7 and evaluate the need for additional fall protection measures at each structure.  Our GIS team develop a customized digital data collection template for the existing conditions survey that expedited documentation and management of data. The results of the conditions survey were presented as aerial maps of all locations utilizing GIS, photologs of structures including compiled field notes, and opinion of probable cost.   Where determined necessary, designs were prepared for standard and unique fall protection structural details per OSHA requirements.