Oneida Indian Nation Community & Cultural Center

Dal Pos Architects
Central New York Region

The Oneida Indian Nation is building the Mary Winder Community & Cultural Center for their Nation members. The plan is to integrate the new center into the Phase 2 development as presented in the 2019 Oneida Neighborhoods Master Plan (developed  by EDR), which will include programming for indoor courts, community space, and a swimming pool. The Center will also support new parking areas, entry drop off plaza, service area, bus drop off/parking, outdoor cultural area, planting design (using plant materials meaningful to the Nation), community garden, and is graded to support future lacrosse playfield, splash pad, and ballfield development.

The design of the interior and exterior of the new 65,000 SF center is infused with Oneida Nation culture and traditions. It is planned to be the “heart” of the Nation for generations to come.  Specific design tasks included site design, grading, planting design, hardscape design, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management(water quality and quantity design), watermain design, storm sewer design, and pond design.