Oneida Neighborhood Water System

Oneida Nation Enterprises
Village of White Pine, NY

In 2020, the EDR team provided services for the development of 300+acres of land within Madison County, near the Village of White Pine and Territory Road, the development included residential property and a community recreational facility. During the design of the infrastructure for the area, it was identified that fire flow was low and did not meet current standards. The EDR team conducted an evaluation of the existing water system (distribution and supply) to identify ways to meet the fire flow needs for the planned development.

In the evaluation of the water system, it was determined that the Oneida City watermain had a capacity restriction. This main was installed in the late 1800s and was constructed of unlined cast iron pipe. The existing fire pumps were restricted on the amount of flow that could be delivered due to the restriction in the watermain.

Through an alternative evaluation, it was determined that the fire flow needs could be met with a new 300,000-gallon water tank. With this configuration, the existing booster pumps could fill the tank and provide fire flow and storage for the system with minimal changes to the existing operation configuration of Oneida City’s water system.

The water distribution system was modeled using WaterCAD. This allowed for the evaluation of each alternative.  Each evaluation showed the effects of the proposed alternatives to identify impacts, their benefits to the system, and allowed the Nation to select a cost-effective solution. A bolted steel tank was designed due to its cost effectiveness at the required size.