Onondaga County Green Infrastructure Improvements

Onondaga County
Syracuse, NY

Onondaga County Green Streets Program aims enhance the urban environment by integrating green infrastructure best management practices within high priority sewersheds to improve effluent water quality to the area. Green infrastructure practices are designed to mitigate 1.25 inches of stormwater runoff within the range of $0.15-0.50 per gallon of average annual runoff reduction, while providing community amenities and aesthetic value. SOW 119 focuses on six areas within CSO 060/077 including Elk Street, West Colvin Street, Robert Drive, Vincent Street, Warner Avenue, and Moore Avenue. Green infrastructure BMP’s are evaluated for installation based on various site constraints including existing utility off-sets, stormwater capture area, and capital cost. These areas present unique challenges in that they are located on or along generally narrow streets within the City of Syracuse and in areas of large elevation change. Infiltration trenches were selected as the primary BMP for use based on site constraints and required a design using multiple “steps” to achieve program requirements. As a result, the projects are anticipated to reduce 8,000,000 gallons of stormwater runoff to the CSO. EDR was retained to permit, design, and oversee construction of the projects which are currently completing the design phase.