Oswego County Brownfield Opportunity Area

Oswego, New York

Through our planning and design services, EDR assisted the client in identifying what it needed to achieve a coherent and integrated urban development program that preserves and protects critical portions of Oswego’s industrial and post-industrial waterfront, and incorporates new development in a compatible manner. The design built on existing infrastructure, incorporated existing historic fabric where appropriate, and identified appropriate patterns and forms for new development. The aim of our planners and landscape architects was to foster a memorable place through the development of an urban design concept that incorporates a clear organization of sites, streets and open space.  Our concept plan emphasized revitalizing existing (but underutilized) business centers and neighborhoods, optimized linkages to all modes of transportation including transit, pedestrian, and bicycle as well as to surrounding land uses and amenities. Alternative concept plans identified key redevelopment parcels, proposed recreation areas, landscape buffer zones, improved streetscapes, critical linkages, important civic spaces, gateways and landmarks. These concepts were influenced by direct stakeholder/community input through participation in a visioning and design process.