Rockland County Sewer District No. 1, Sludge Dewatering Project

Sewer District No. 1
Rockland County, NY

RCSD No. 1 is currently under an Order on Consent (R3-20101005-128) with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for completion of an Inventory of Assets, Asset Management Plan, and Capital Improvement Plan for their wastewater infrastructure. In compliance with the Order on Consent, RCSD No. 1 has completed this required work including preparation of a Capital Improvement Plan. One of the projects identified in the Capital Improvement Plan includes addressing aging infrastructure in the solids dewatering process. The existing dewatering equipment at the RCSD No. 1 WWTP is reaching the end of its useful life. The belt filter presses (BFPs) have been abandoned in place and are no longer functional. The centrifuges are over 20 years old and the model is no longer manufactured, making it difficult to maintain and obtain spare parts. The equipment layout in the Dewatering Building is inefficient and congested with multiple conveyors. The current operation of all three centrifuges at one time provides no equipment redundancy or future capacity. 

In addition, it is anticipated that these improvements will address potential additional sludge quantities related to future projects. For example, EDR understands that RCSD No. 1 will be addressing improvements to the current sludge thickeners and increasing operational flexibility to pump directly to the Link Building during a possible digester upset or other needs in the future. This would necessitate a short-term increase in dewatering capacity. The potential exists for plant modifications due to permit requirements for ammonia removal and enhanced CBOD removal, resulting in additional sludge quantities to be dewatered.