Salt City Market

VIP Architectural Associates
Syracuse, NY

The Salt City Market, a $25M project developed by the Allyn Foundation, was envisioned as a place where people from all walks of life could come together to enjoy food. The foundation purchased a parking lot/vacant lot at the corner of South Salina and West Onondaga Streets, across from the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel, with plans to build a new mixed-use, multi-floor building.

The inspiration for the project came from the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis. EDR supported the Prime A-E Team (including a nationally recognized architectural studio, Snow Kreilich) with design and development of the new facility, as well as the proposed plan for the exterior market and public gathering spaces.

EDR provided site planning, site-civil engineering, landscape architecture design, and cultural consulting services. EDR introduced design and details (e.g., color, materials) and components (e.g., lighting, furnishings, etc.) to signify, symbolize, celebrate, and educate the public about the “salt manufacturing past” of the City of Syracuse. EDR’s design responsibilities included design of pedestrian patterns, entrance design and site amenities (e.g., specialty pavements, site furniture, lighting fixtures, and plantings); site grading, sanitary sewers, watermains, storm sewers and subsurface stormwater management.

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