Town of Diana Water System Improvement

Town of Diana
Town of Diana, New York

The project is located in the Town of Diana, Lewis County, NY. The system was previously operated by and served the Village of Harrisville. The Village dissolved in 2018 and the Town of Diana assumed ownership and operational responsibilities. The system was originally constructed in the early 1900s. The Town currently operates a single well to provide water for the system with a maximum day demand of 149,000 gpd. Two other wells, Nos. 1 and 2, can provide backup to meet the system demands but are not currently on-line. The wellhouse for Well No. 3 provides for treatment with sodium hypochlorite for disinfection along with housing electrical and control equipment. There are two operating 200,000-gallon water standpipe storage tanks in the system. Distribution system piping consists of about 8.4 miles of 4, 6, 8, and 10-inch with 320 unmetered service connections serving 618 people. The oldest distribution system piping, hydrants, and valves are about 46 years old. Due to the elevation of the storage tanks, static pressures in the distribution system are less than 30 psi in some areas and available fire flows are less than 500 gpm in some locations.

EDR was retained to develop an engineering report to evaluate the existing water pumping, treatment, storage, and distribution, systems and to develop a system-wide hydraulic model to fully understand the water system operations with the recommended improvements. Based on the evaluation, EDR is providing final design and construction administration for the following project components:

  • Construct a new facility for metering and treatment at Well sites 1 and 3
  • Replace the pumps at Wells 1 and 3
  • Demolish the existing three storage tanks and construct a new, taller 350,000-gallon bolted, glass-lined steel water storage tank
  • Connect dead-end watermains on Wilder Drive to the existing water main on Mill Street; Mullin Street to the existing water main on Route 3; the dead ends of Old State Road; and Foskit and High Streets
  • Install new water meters for all water connections within the system

Implementation of the recommended improvements will provide the Town with a regulatory-compliant system while improving system reliability, distribution system pressures, and fire flows. The project cost is estimated to be $3.95 million and includes various grant and financing sources including the Department of State Dissolution Grant, Green Infrastructure Grant, Water Improvement Infrastructure Act Grant, and USDA-Rural Development long-term financing.