Trenton Falls Trail System

Trenton & Brookfield Power Corporation
Town of Trenton, New York

EDR designed approximately one mile of scenic trails and corresponding wayfinding and interpretive signage at key sites along an historically significant gorge rim, located on land owned by the power company. The design of the site considered geologic characteristics of interest, the safety of visitors and their experience along a steep gorge cliff, its historic significance as a ‘must-see destination’ from the 1800s, as well as the security of the hydroelectric facility.

EDR reused the existing concrete supports that once held the hydroelectric facility’s wooden pipes.  These and other historic features were incorporated into lookout structures, offering panoramic views of the river gorge and falls below.

The National Hydropower Association recognized this project with a Hydro Achievement Award of Excellence in Recreational Stewardship. The American Society of Landscape Architects also recognized this project with a Merit Award for Research, Historic Preservation, and Communication.