Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing Dr. Emily Stephan, Ph.D.!

Emily Stephan successfully defended her PhD dissertation, “Development of a Parsimonious Urban Landscape Nutrient Model using Representations of Terrestrial Denitrification Control”, on November 2, 2017. Since beginning graduate school in 2012 at SUNY-ESF, Emily has worked with the US Forest Service on i-Tree Hydro (, with the goal of bringing freely accessible hydrology models to communities interested in providing stormwater management through green infrastructure and urban tree planting. Her research provides simple effective tools for predicting nutrient loading, adding spatial and temporal variation to existing models, with a focus on the nitrate removal process of denitrification.

Congratulations, Emily!

For More Information

Emily A. Stephan, Ph.D., EIT | Civil Engineer
[email protected]