New York State and the Salt City

It was a whirlwind week in the Salt City, as Governor Cuomo and his cabinet came to declare Syracuse and Central New York our “Capital for a Day” on Wednesday, September 30th! In the third installment of this initiative, state and local leaders toured and touted many of the sites and projects that have come to symbolize a great regional revitalization – from the Lakeshore Amphitheater and the New York State Fair to the Hotel Syracuse, Interstate 81, the Hiawatha Lodi Brownfield Opportunity Area, and the Inland Port.

EDR has been honored and fortunate to have been working hard on these and many other local projects in the past year. We are grateful to our many partners in both the public and private sectors, each of whom have invested so much time, talent, and resources into these projects. Wednesday was a well-deserved opportunity to reflect on the dozens of initiatives underway in and around our city, and to imagine the potential for whatever comes next. Great work has been done, great work is being done, and great work will be done.

Here’s to you, Syracuse.