Operations & Marketing

Our excellent Operations team supports our EDR’s professional services and specialist Practice Areas.  Our internal support includes Administrative, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Communications professionals.

Our Marketing & Communications team is vital in promoting the firm as a business and supporting our organization’s mission. This team coordinates and produces all materials that represent the business; defines and promotes our brand; directs campaigns; organizes trade shows and conferences; plans and hosts events, produces promotional materials, news releases, and publications; creates content for the website, monitors and oversee social media, and develop internal and external communications.

EDR’s Finance team is responsible for coordinating client billing and collections, developing and monitoring internal operations budgets, regular financial reporting, and assisting the firm’s Shareholders to develop and implement successful business strategies.

The Human Resources team directs employee policies and procedures, coordinates benefits and compensation, coordinates EDR’s Leadership Development initiative, and supports staff recruitment, hiring, onboarding, retention, and transitions.

EDR’s Administrative staff directly supports our Practice Areas to produce deliverables, coordinate logistics, review agreements and contracts, manage office infrastructure and equipment, and otherwise support the mission and goals of EDR.