Skipjack Wind Project Receives Preliminary Approval from Maryland PSC

EDR congratulates our client Deepwater Wind on reaching another regulatory approval milestone for the proposed Skipjack Wind Project.   On May 11, 2017, the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) approved Offshore Renewable Energy Credits for two offshore energy projects including the 120 Megawatt Skipjack Wind Project, which is located off the coast of Delaware and Maryland.  EDR has been assisting Deepwater Wind with preliminary visualizations for the proposed project.  EDR is paving the way in offshore visualizations by incorporating state of the art models that incorporate curvature of the earth and atmospheric influences on visibility.  Our simulations were reviewed by the PSC and local municipalities as part of the initial review of this project.  EDR looks forward to assisting Deepwater with future permitting efforts on this groundbreaking project, which is on track to be operational by 2022.

Please visit Deepwater Wind’s Website to learn more about the project.

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Gordon Perkins, GISP | Senior Project Manager/Visualization Specialist
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