SMART1 Public Meeting

The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council (SMTC) held a public meeting on Thursday, November 10, 2016 to share the progress of Phase 1 of the Syracuse Metropolitan Area Regional Transit Study, which is examining options for enhanced transit service along two main corridors in the City of Syracuse. Public input from a diverse mix of community members on these options will inform the selection of a Locally Preferred Alternative that improves local connectivity to employment centers and other points of interest.

EDR’s Planning staff have assisted SMTC to organize the community outreach component of the SMART1 study.  On Thursday, our own Jane Rice presented a progress update to members of the public, and our staff joined SMTC and the IBI Group in answering questions and gathering input about the details of the plan and its proposed options. Next steps for the project include continued analysis, selection and development of a Locally Preferred Alternative for each corridor and a final public meeting in 2017. EDR applauds the entire project team for all their hard work on this important study, and thanks the engaged community members that participated in the meeting!

Additional information on the SMART1 Phase 1 can be found here: