‘Tis the season!

Construction season, that is!  EDR is currently involved in a number of construction monitoring efforts throughout the state, including several projects along regional transmission corridors.  Recently, we have been involved in the Edic Substation Expansion Project in the Town of Marcy – a project that includes an addition and updates to the existing substation area.  EDR designed the stormwater management systems and prepared the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for this project, and is continuing to assist our client by providing SWPPP inspection services. The expansion area will be constructed using an alternative cross-section that will allow stormwater to be stored in a stone reservoir below the expansion area.  The stored stormwater will be slowly released to meet stormwater quantity requirements and will ultimately discharge over a grass filter strip that will provide water quality.  The use of the alternative cross-section and filter strip greatly reduces the area of the project site that needs to be dedicated to stormwater management.