Welcome, Mary Hejna!

EDR is pleased to welcome our newest Studio member, Mary Hejna, to our Rochester office. Mary comes to EDR with a background in science, including a B.S. in Biology and postgraduate study in Ecology and Natural Resource Management and Landscape Architecture. She has previous experience in the field on ecological restoration, floristic quality assessment and stream ecology, and as a teaching assistant at the University of Michigan Biological Station. She has done research on stormwater management techniques, with a focus on maintenance of non-traditional infrastructure, and on invasive species control. She also has GIS experience, including field data collection and designing maps and spatial data interpretation/display graphics.

Mary has a special fondness for wetlands and shoreline ecosystems. She loves native plants, but also knows ornamental plants, having worked as a planting designer at a retail nursery. She also has 25 years of experience with the care and management of show horses, so she has a special interest in farm and equestrian facility design.

Welcome aboard, Mary!