City of Syracuse Hiawatha-Lodi Brownfield Opportunity Area Program

City of Syracuse
Syracuse, New York

The Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program, administered by the New York State Department of State, is a unique approach to traditional brownfield redevelopment initiatives that allows municipalities to look beyond the lot lines of individual contaminated properties to examine their environmental and economic impacts in a more comprehensive manner. The Hiawatha-Lodi BOA focuses on a post-industrial corridor in the city’s Northside neighborhood, where carriage, candle, mattress, and tool manufacturers once employed hundreds of local workers. Today, many of these properties are distressed, vacant, or otherwise unproductive, and the City of Syracuse seeks to revitalize these properties along with neighboring properties. In partnership with the City, EDR investigated opportunities for improving key properties along the corridor, such that strategic investments in public safety, streetscapes, and infrastructure could facilitate long-term revitalization of this diverse and growing neighborhood.