Dryden 2045 | Comprehensive Plan Update

Town of Dryden
Dryden, NY

EDR was contracted by the Town of Dryden to update its 2005 Comprehensive Plan to address current issues and opportunities for the Town. The project features a vision, goals, and strategies based on a significant community engagement campaign.  In addition, the EDR teamed with the Central New York Regional Planning & Development Board to conduct a greenhouse gas inventory and vulnerabilities assessment for the community as part of the comprehensive planning process.

The main thing we were looking for when hiring EDR was a company who had deep experience doing comprehensive plans for communities.    We were also looking for a company that made it clear to us that it was important to do a real comprehensive community outreach process –
go out and get information from our residents on what they would like to have in their plan…EDR firmly believes that a comprehensive plan needs to reflect the vision and desires of the people who live in the town, and we certainly agree with that.”  

– John Kiefer, Town of Dryden Planning Board Chair